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American Medical Transporters, Inc. (AMT) provides biomedical waste pickup, disposal, training and cleanup. AMT also provides assistance with the Department of Health (DOH) regulations, and if necessary, helps resolve violations.

Our pickup service includes the collection of biomedical waste from your site and delivering the waste to the proper incinerator. We provide you with all the documentation required by the DOH and OSHA, including burn certificates with the weight, date and place of incineration. AMT only uses double-walled, corrugated boxes to ensure safety of everyone handling the waste.

Training can be provided for you and your employees, outlining what precautions a facility must take with regard to personal protective clothing, placement of biomedical containers, procedures to be followed in the event of exposure to an employee, and more. We also provide advice for contingency plans, which are legally required in the event of a natural disaster.

Biomedical cleanups are provided for law enforcement, crime scenes and home owners within the Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando counties. We provide a personal touch, understanding the sensitivity of the cleanup circumstance.

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